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5.1 Working with touch screens

Working with touch screens is quite different from working with a mouse. In this article we will show you the most important differences.


When working with the mouse, you can use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. On touch screens you can use the pinching gesture to zoom in or out:
but two fingers on the canvas and move them closer to eachother or further away from eachother.


To draw tables, tap on the first corner, you will not see anything
- then tap the second - now you will see a line
- click on the third corner, and a second line will appear
- continue for all corners and finally tap on the first corner to finish the table.


This is actualy a feature that is exclusive to touch screens: you can rotate track sections using two fingers.
1. make sure a dot of the section to rotate is selected
2. put one finger on the canvas, this will be the pivot point for your rotation
3. put a second finger down, I use the index finger of my other hand, but you can also use two fingers from the same hand.
4. now rotate the second finger around the first. The tracks will rotate accordingly
For mouse users, rotation is available in the track properties menu.
To give you an idea how TRAX works on touch screens, we've made a short tutorial:

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