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0.1 Creating a project

Before you can enter the TRAX editor, you need a project. In this project you define what libraries you are using, who will be able to view your project, who can edit it and more.

Create a project

1. Enter the project form

We asume you are registered and logged in. To start choose My Projects from the menu MyTrax. At the top this page you'll see the option Create a new project.

Click the button to create a new project and enter the project form.

2. General information

Next enter a name for your project and a description. Keep in mind that this information will be visible to other users when you make the project viewable for other users. These two fields are mandatory.

3. Access

You can make your project viewable or even editable to other users setting either the Access Read and Access Edit fields. You can choose a group from the drop down, or 'Nobody' or 'Everybody'.

  • Nobody blocks exit to everyone but yourself,
  • Setting Everybody will, surprisingly, allows access to everybody,
  • The groups are groups you are a member of.
  • Read more about groups in the next article 'working together'

4. Save the project

Click the submit button to save your project. You will now be directed to the project list, in which you'll find your project looks something like this:

Start planning

Now we would like to start planning our layout and start laying track. This is done in the TRAX editor. To open the trax editor, just click on the pencil icon - fa pencil - to open your project in the editor.

The next chapter will get you acquainted with the interface of the editor. If you'd like to start laying track immediately, just jump to a quick start.

Modifying your project

At some point you might want to change your project settings, delete it or make a copy. In the header of your project in the project list you see, next to the pencil, three other icons that you can use to modify your project:

fa cog Edit project settings

Click to return to the project form and edit the settings. Add or remove libraries, change access or alter the description for your project.

fa trashcan Delete the project

With this button you can delete your project. To be safe, you will get a warning first and your project will be kept in the dustbin for seven days before it is deleted permanently.

fa copy Copy the project

With this button you can copy your project. i.e. When you want to create an alternative version of your plan, or right before you start with a big change - just to be safe.

In the previous versions of TRAX, the project form was the place to add libraries to the project. As of TRAX version 2.0, this can be done in the editor a quick start.

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