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1.4 The scenery tab

On this tab find the tools to create a terrain and add buildings, structures and trees.

Scenery objects


Toggles the scenery object list in the side menu on and off.

Object type

Dropdown list to select which type of objects to load in the list.


Spray paint tool

Toggle terrain spray paint tool on or off.

Size & opacity

Inputs for the size of the paint sprayer and the opacity of the paint - in other words, to what degree it covers the previous terrain.

Terrain type

Dropdown box to select the terrain type texture from.


Elevation tool

Toggle elevation sculpt tool on or off.

Size & height

Inputs for the size of the sculpting tool and the height to add or set (depending on the sculpting mode).

Sculpting mode

Dropdown box to select the sculpting mode.

Sculpting tip

Dropdown box to select the sculpting brush tip.

How to create a landscape, is described in 4.1 Landscape.

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