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4. Making a scene

Scenery helps bringing your layout to life. Creating a landscape and adding buildings and vegetation will create a world for your trains. Scenery will help giving operation an purpouse.

TRAX offers you features to add scenery to your layout plan. It takes a new approach towards landscaping and it lets you create and upload your own scenery objects.

The scenery tab

The scenery tab is one of the fixed tabs in the menu - it is always there. It offers three main features: Scenery objects, Terrain and Elevation. When the menu switch (left in the Scenery Objects group) is on, TRAX will switch to the Scenery side menu as well when entering this tab.

- In Landscape you can learn how to add terrain and elevation to your layout plan.
- The page Scenery objects describes how to add buildings, structures and trees.
- If you want to use your own scenery objects, please read Create your own scenery objects

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