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TRAX is the 100% Free web based track planning tool for your model railroad. It works on every device that has a modern browser and an internet connection: desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets and even on your telephone. No matter what OS: windows, linux, Mac osX, iPad's iOS, Android. I bet you would even be able to run it on your washing machine, provided it has WiFi...

TRAX features a highly intuitive user interface, you can move and connect track pieces and segments by dragging and dropping. Pin down track to your table and move them all together just by dragging the table. We try to put everything at exactly the spot where you would look for it, and make TRAX behave just as you would expect it to behave.

so, what more can we show you, to introduce TRAX?

I'd like to read about the features?

Let us tell you about the things you can do with TRAX. Check out the features

Does TRAX support my track program?

See the list of supported track libraries. There are over a hundred of most brands in all populair scales and gauges. Find your libraries

Want to know what TRAX looks like?

Images are of cause a good way to give you an impression of a piece of software. Goto the screenshots page.

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Ngongo B is a Dutch company, registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce. It is held by Fedor van Eldijk.

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