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The best way to get help, depends on what kind of question you have. Please considder the following possibilities:

I'm new and don't know how to get started

Well in that case we offer a short quick start guide:
Read 'Get Started'

I want to learn how TRAX works

Our manual is a good next step in getting to know TRAX. It describes most features but is not too lengthy. The manual is available on the website and in the editor (please allow popups.)
Dive into the manual

I would like some advice

If you are not sure what the best way is to get a certain task done in TRAX, or you would like some advice on your design, the TRAX Forum is the best option. Here other users can help you and give you advice.
Go to the forum

I have a problem, TRAX is broken

Send us a message using the support form. The form will also send some diagnostic data from the editor that helps us finding out what is wrong.
Send us a message

About Ngongo B

Ngongo B is a Dutch company, registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce. It is held by Fedor van Eldijk.

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