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3.1 Walls, windows and doors

You can now also draw your layout room - or rooms. Just create the walls and add windows and doors to it. In case there are pilars, immobile furnitures or staircases that render part of the room inusable, mark that area as such.

The functions for drawing walls, windows and doors are found on the room tab.

Drawing walls

1. Click on the wall icon: input
2. Click the editor to start drawing the ruimte. You draw lines from corner to corner. Double click to stop drawing.

Changing walls

- Double-click a wall: now handles appear at all angles. By dragging these handles you change the shape of the wall.
- When in editor modus, double click a wall to insert a new point at that position.

Add a window or door

1. Click on the icon: input or
2. Click on the wall to add the door or window to it.
3. Use the input handles to move and resize the window or door
4. For doors you can also adjust the way the door opens by dragging this handle input

To select and edit doors and windows, just double click them.

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