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1.2 The track tab

The track tab offers functions to insert and manipulate track pieces and flex track.



Switches the track list on or off in the side menu.

The library dropdown list

The library dropdown list allows you to switch between the libraries you have added to the project. When you switch, the track items of the choosen library will show in the side menu.

On the right, there is a small pencil. Click this to open a dialog with the list of available libraries. From this list you can add new libraries to your project.


Toggles the direction of curves to inserted between clockwise and counter clockwise.

Pin down

Pin down track to the canvas or a table. Pinned down track cannot be moved. When pinned down to a table, the track moves when the table is moved.

Flex items

Dropdown box with all flex track items in the currently selected track library. The selected track is used when inserting straight, curved or parallel flex track. If the current library has no flex track, all these functions will be disabled.

Insert straight


Inserts a straight piece of flextrack of given length.


Input for the length of the track to insert.

Insert curve


Inserts a curve with given radius and angle.

Radius & angle

Radius and angle of the curve to insert.

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