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TRAX3D - Basic features

Past two weeks I spent implementing the basic features of track laying and the editor. I can now drag, connect, add and insert tracks.

And everything works in a very similar way as it did in TRAX2, but with one huge advantage: the editor features like undo/redo and copy/paste are now an integral part of the editor. In the previous versions, these features were added later and did not always work as expected. The undo/redo function did not record every editing action. Now everything the editor does, will be recorded and therefore undo-able and redo-able. Cut and paste works very simple and I have also added keyboard shortcuts for all of these functions.

Schermafdruk van 2020 05 10 09 01 57

In the screenshot you see here, you may notice the red and yellow arrows. I use them as helpers when debugging, but I think they might also be very useful for track laying. Maybe I let them in - as an option you could toggle on.

Something else I have already started on, is compatibility of touch screens. 

20200510 085922

There is still some work to be done on flex tracks, and I want to enable drag and drop from the tracklist to the canvas. When that is finished, I can move on to the table. I need to get that in place before I can start on the terrain and scenery functions. That will be the part where the real advantages of 3D will become apparent. I am looking forward to that part of building TRAX3D.



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