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Information needed

27 Oct 2018 10:35 #238

Dear friends,

Thanks for all your library requests, they will help to get the TRAX libraries more complete.

However, in many cases information about the geometry is not provided by the manufacturers in a form TRAX understands - or in any form at all.

To help us update the libraries, you can help by researching the geometry of track pieces.

Points and crossings are the most complicated pieces to find out. To recreate them in TRAX, we need to find out a lot of details:

- For points, we can not use the #number format, we need an angle and radius.
- In some cases, switches have an entry and/or exit stretch, a number of millimeters straight track.
- crossings are not always symmetrical, we need to know what the length of each leg is

If you don't have this information and when you have a hard time finding the info, try to rally your fellow model railroaders to help researching.

Post everything you find below your request.

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