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2. On the right track

Of cause track is what a layout planning tool is all about. So here we go. This chapter deals with all features TRAX offers for laying track.

We'll start with a short quick start, if you like to get practical, this tutorial will get you started with a few basic steps.

In the next article, we talk you through the different track context tabs, so you know where to find the buttons we'll discuss later on.

After that we'll explain the basics. It is really worth it to get acquainted to these functions, so you can get the most out of TRAX.

Flex tracks are wonderfull items that allow you more freedom in creating a realistic model railroad. TRAX offers some tools to insert and edit flex tracks to allow you full control over the curves you make.

In the following article, we'll see how to implement height differences in your plan and how to create slopes of a given percentage.

Finally we discuss a number of advanced track laying features, like inserting parallel track and checking mode.

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