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Getting started

Register with TRAX

Create a login account for the TRAX website. Enter your username, email address and password. You will then receive a confirmation email with a link. Follow the link and your registration is complete. Now log in to continue.

Start your first project

Go to 'My Projects' menu under 'My Trax' and click on the option 'New Project'. Enter a project name in the field 'Project name' and a description - you can change all this later.

To finish click 'Save'.

Design your layout

After saving , you end up in the list - which now only shows your first project. Right from your project name, you will see four icons . The first is a pencil, click it to go to the TRAX Editor. In the TRAX editor you will see a grid and a menu bar at the top.

We now have to pick a track library. Click on the 'Track'-tab. In the library group, click on the pencil. You will see a list of available libraries. Select one or more and click the submit button. On the left you now see the track menu.

From the track menu, choose a piece of track. A red box indicates that this is now the selected track piece. Now double-click anywhere on the grid. The rail section that you have selected is now drawn in the editor. On both ends you will see a little dots: one blue and one red dot. The red dot is the selected track end. When you double click it, a new piece of track is now connected.

By grabbing these dots you can easily drag a section of track. Drop it on a dot at the end of another section to connect both sections.

Obviously there is a lot more possible, but you now know the basics. In the menu bar you will find a help button . Click it to read about the many other possibilities of TRAX.

If you more visual oriented, there is a video that helps you to get started:

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