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The next version of TRAX is on it's way. And it will be a full featured 3D editor, bringing a whole new dimension to your model railroad planning. Want to have a peek? Want to help testing?

Visit trax3d.com!

TRAX3D is very early in development, currently you van register, create a project, do most track laying stuff and save your work. The undo/redo/copy/paste system has been improved and I am working on library updates. Please comment on the 'help' page of the new website.



Works everywhere

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>100 track programs

TRAX supports over a hundred track programs from various manufacturers, including Marklin, Fleischmann, Peco and Tillig. Whether it is Z, N, TT or H0, any scale is possible.

Highly intuitive.

Move and link track elements and tables easily. Rotate switches in the direction you indicate and bend flexible track without cumbersome menu options and mouse clicks.

Show your work

With the TRAX viewer you can embed your layout plan in your own website or in a post on your favorite model railway forum. Readers then can explore your track plan interactivly, scrolling and zooming in as they like.

Create a landscape

Use the paintbrush and sculpting tools: paint mountains, rivers and fields directly on your design. Add buildings and other objects and bring your world to life.

The TRAX community

Contribute , share your knowledge on the forum, give your advice and appreciate the layouts others make. Make your own scenery objects and share them with other model train fans.

...and on top of that

TRAX features many more functions:
- Use satelite or aireal fotography as a background to model directly from prototype.
- create a railroad system of thousands of square miles if you like.
- fine tuning of curves in flex track


Oh yes, and did we mention it is 100% free?


Project Showcase

Project Showcase

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