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Lionel Ready-To-Play

09 aug 2018 17:58 #235

Getting back into model railroading after 50 years away from it, I am delighted that I found the Lionel Ready-to-Play train sets. I'd like some help creating a layout -- a double circle with one being a helix.
These sets are battery powered. The engine is strong with great traction. While they are made for children, I believe I can create a great scene with two of them -- North Pole Central and the Polar Express.
The sets are a modified G gauge and I believe 1:24. The radius is 24 inches. There are 12 curved sections in a full circle. Straight and curved pieces are 6 inches long. Switches, which are manually operated, are 12 inches long and replace either 2 curved or 2 straight pieces.
What more info do you need to create a library for these?


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